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Why you Shouldn’t Wait on God for a Man

Why you Shouldn’t Wait on God for a Man

You’re single. Do you think you should wait on God for a man? As far as I know (and it’s not in the Bible either) God didn’t promise to send a man to you or any other single woman.

It’s not God’s intention for  you to sit at home, single, waiting for months or even years.  He’s not going to miraculously send your husband knocking on your door.

So what are you supposed to do?


Don’t wait on God, step out in faith

Stop waiting on God for a man. God is waiting on you to step out in faith like Abraham did…

Abraham was the father of faith. When God told him to sacrifice his son, (Genesis 22:1-19), he didn’t sit at home worrying and crying about killing his only son. He stepped out in faith, believing that God would bring him back to life if he sacrificed him.

If you want to meet a man, you have to make yourself available. Go to places where single Christian men hang out. And that’s not necessarily in your church either. Meeting men there is not impossible, but it’s rare. Although, some single women meet their spouse at church. But, most churches are 60% women, 20% men and the rest are couples – from my observations.


If you meet a man, will you know if he’s the one for you?

Be careful you don’t miss your chance because you’re hooked on the idea of God sending you a man.

Imagine this, you meet a man, but you don’t think he’s the one God sent so you let him go.


Because you feel you will know the man when you meet him. So, you decide it’s not God’s will for you to be with him.

But how will you know by feelings alone? Being led by your emotions is not 100% accurate. 

Talk to God about it. Ask Him to confirm it. Discuss it with close friends, family, your pastor or anyone else who can guide you. God can speak to you through other people as well. He will tell or show you if you should develop a relationship with the man you met.


Is there a perfect man out there for you?

The only two people who came close to being perfect for each was Adam and Eve. That’s because God made them for each other.

Obviously, when you meet a man, use wisdom and prayer. Don’t, however, expect to meet a perfect man. He doesn’t exist. And if that’s what you’re looking for, your expectations will be sky-high. No man will be able to meet your expectations. Moreover, if they do, there will always be issues with him in your eyes.

There are no perfect couples or relationships. Everyone is imperfect. Remember, God must always be at the head of your relationship. In His perfection, He will keep your relationship strong, if you trust Him to do so. When challenges come, get on your knees and pray together. 


Don’t wait on God for a man, make yourself available by changing your mindset

Don’t be like some single women who walk around looking like their dog just died. Their faces hang down. They don’t smile. They’re miserable. They dress frumpy. They don’t care about their appearance. And they’re moody. 

If a man looks at them, they give him the evil eye. How are they going to get a man to show interest in them? Instead, they’re likely to scare him off. This information is what I’ve heard from single men.


waiting on God, single woman


Use the time as a single woman productively. Prepare yourself to meet your king. Change your mindset to receive a man into your life. If you’ve been single for a long time it’s probably difficult to adjust certain habits you’ve developed. Maybe you love having the bed to yourself. Hate it when men leave the toilet seat up. Don’t enjoy cooking for anyone. Can’t be bothered to make yourself look good. And so on…

But, embrace change. Smile more. Have fun days out with your girlfriends. Get your hair and nails done regularly. Dress nicely. Wear makeup. You don’t have to plaster it on. Use it to enhance your beautiful features.  Go sit in a nice restaurant and eat by yourself. Treat yourself to beautiful stuff. Doing this will develop your confidence. And when you meet him everything will fall into place.


When you’re out, be prepared

Don’t lose out on meeting him. One of my friends missed a few opportunities because she wasn’t prepared. She walked around in her own little world. A few men showed interest in her, but she didn’t see the signs and missed out.

So, go out everyday thinking, “I could meet him today.”

Always be prepared mentally and physically. Look approachable. He could sit next to you on the bus one morning, afternoon or evening.

I met my ex-husband one afternoon when I was going home for lunch. I had no idea that afternoon would change my life.


Do you know who you want to meet?

God isn’t going to tell you who to go out and meet. You have to decide that for yourself.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t pray and trust that God will connect you with the person you’re supposed to marry. Faith plays a big role here. However, faith without works is dead, (James 2:14-26). You have to play your part.

Make a list of the type of man you want to meet. Write down the qualities you desire and personality type. Don’t be too rigid, though. Allow some flexibility. If you meet someone and you get on well, don’t dismiss him because he didn’t tick all the boxes. Like I said before, no one is perfect. Although, it’s good to have an idea of who you’re looking for.

Furthermore, develop your knowledge about relationships. Read books and articles, speak to a relationship coach, get advice from couples who have long successful marriages.


Go to places where single Christian men hang out

Now you know who you want to meet. Go to the places where you could meet him. But, to just to let you know, single men are everywhere. They’re not confined to a certain location or building.

Here are some places you could go to meet a single man…

  • Attend social events, such as friends’ birthday celebrations. Mingle and get to know people there.
  • Weddings are another potential place to meet a single man.
  • Single Christian conferences or seminars.
  • Join a class or start a new hobby.
  • Doing God’s work, such as evangelising. You could meet him while you’re out and about.
  • Christian concerts.
  • Facebook – but be careful with this one. Make sure the person is who they say they are. Get to know them first. By the way, my daughter met her husband on there. 
  • Reputable Christian dating sites/agencies, especially if a friend recommends them to you.
  • Friends and family. Tell them you’re single and looking to meet someone.

Finally, instead of believing you have to sit and wait on God for a man, enjoy your life. Embrace happiness, joy and peace. It will radiate from the inside of you and attract the right people to you. Love others completely by accepting God’s love into your heart. When you meet your man, it will be second nature to love him, totally.


Over to you…

What’s your views about waiting on God for a man? If you’re in a relationship, how did you meet your man?

Please do something for me… share this article on social media so other women can enjoy it too. Thanks for sharing.

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I'm June, a self-published author, freelance copywriter and blogger. This blog is a mixture of real stories, testimonies and useful advice. Most of the articles here are based on biblical principles. If you have a testimony to share, I would love to publish it to inspire other readers.


  1. Hi June, great article and really inspiring. The world is almost full of ideas that there is a special someone for everyone and if you miss that one, u might not find it again. Thanks for this enlightenment

    • Hi Charis, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      I don’t agree that if you miss that supposedly special someone you won’t find him again. I’ve been married twice and each time I thought they were the special someone. But they weren’t. It’s about meeting someone who loves you and who you love, genuinely. That’s one of the first foundation for building a strong relationship.

      Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

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