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4 Ways to Trust God When Things Are Going Wrong

4 Ways to Trust God When Things Are Going Wrong

It’s easy to trust God when everything in your life is going smooth. When you haven’t got any problems, it’s easy to pray, praise, worship and give thanks God with a happy heart and a smile.

But what about when the bills are piling up, you’re sick, can’t get a job, you’re depressed, lonely and you’ve got lots of problems. Do you trust God then?

When you ask pastors or other Christian brothers or sisters for advice, they tell you the same thing. Have faith. Trust God. Believe.  But is that so easy to do?

Your knees are sore. You’re on them praying 24/7.  Your prayers seem to bounce off the ceiling and fall back on your head. Your head hurts from all the stress. You even start to wonder if there is a God.

You just don’t know how to trust God anymore. You’re doing all you can but nothing is changing.

So how do you trust God? Surely He knows what’s going on? He’s the all seeing and all-knowing God.

Can he fix the mess you’re in if you don’t trust Him?

I know how you feel. I had to trust God to help me cope after my dad died of cancer. And my ex husband committed suicide two months later. And my two-week old grandson died in his sleep seven months after that.  It was awful. In fact, I thought I was going to die next.

But I did get through it. God gave me the strength and peace to cope. That’s why I’m able to tell you that if you can trust God, it does get better.

Imagine you have a newborn baby. He’s hungry, but he can’t ask you for food. So he cries. His nappy is soaking wet with wee or poo. He can’t tell you to change him. He’s got colic and his tummy hurts. He can’t tell you he’s in pain. He is tired, but doesn’t quite understand that all he needs to do is close his eyes and sleep. So he cries and cries.

That baby has to trust you 100 percent for food, nappy change, remedy for his colic and rocking or soothing him to sleep. Because you’re mommy, you know exactly what to do for his comfort, growth and security.

He doesn’t know how to speak to you. He only knows how to communicate his needs by crying. He trusts you to give him what he needs.

It’s similar with God, who is your heavenly father. He knows what you need. He wants you to depend on Him totally. He wants you to trust Him. And tell Him what you need. He wants you to communicate with Him.

It would be nice if  He could fix your problems automatically. But that’s unlikely to happen. You have to do your job, just like the baby has to do his job. That’s to trust.

You can learn to trust God. It doesn’t happen overnight though. But if you really want it, you’ll do all you can to get to that place where you rest in Him.


1.  Have faith

Faith is believing God is always there for you. Apostle Paul said we should walk by faith and not by sight.  This is tough. If you can’t trust God, you won’t have faith.

A few years ago I went through a big financial challenge. I had to feed myself, my pregnant daughter and two cats on a weekly budget of £15.00. We lived by faith. God says He’ll provide for all your needs. That scripture kept me going. It became part of me. And somehow we managed to get the food we needed for us and the cats. Instead of focusing on lack of money, we believed God would provide. And we bought only the essential (basic) items.

Do you know what else happened? People from our church gave us cash, food and money for petrol.

Faith means not focusing on the problems you’re facing. Ask God to help you to focus on Him instead. Or the answer you expect to get from Him.

By the way, you have to play your part. Faith without works is dead (James 2: 14-26).  One of the best examples of this  is the story about Abraham. God told him to sacrifice the son he had in his old age. He didn’t argue. He will be willing to do that. On the day of the sacrifice Abraham did something unusual. He told his servants to wait for him and his son while they go to worship, and come back (Genesis 22). He knew that no matter what, his son wouldn’t die. That’s rock-solid faith.


2.  Develop a strong relationship with God

It’s not easy to trust someone you don’t have a relationship with.

Would you trust a stranger instead of your best friend? You know your best friend. What they like. What they dislike. What makes them tick. What makes them happy or sad.

As for the stranger, you know nothing about them. Not until you develop a relationship with them. And the only way to do that is to spend time with them.

Getting to know God personally involves developing a relationship with Him. The best way to do that is to spend quality time reading the bible. It’s no good reading it only on Sundays at church. Or taking notes about the verses your pastor quote during sermons. That’s not enough. Discover who God is for yourself through His word. When you get to know Him, the relationship will develop naturally.

Eventually you’ll know what pleases or displeases God, like you do with your best friend. Not only that, it’s awesome to hear Him speak to you. And you should speak to Him too. Tell Him what’s on your mind. Cry on His shoulders and pour out your problems to Him. He cares for you. He’ll help you. And He knows what’s best for you. That’s why sometimes He doesn’t give you what you want.  But He knows best because He sees the bigger picture.


3.  Praying will help you trust God more

I used to think that praying was a time to bring my shopping list to God. I told Him about the things I wanted for myself and family. I didn’t even listen for an answer. Nor did I praise or worship Him while praying.

As I grew spiritually I realised praying is not a one-way street. When you pray you should take time to listen to what God has to say to you. That’s where trust comes in. Because you’ll accept the answers He gives.

When God answers prayers, your trust in Him grows…

A few years ago, my next door neighbour’s boyfriend kept assaulting her. His violence, shouting and swearing was unbearable. She called the police several times. But nothing changed.

One day my pastor came to visit and I told him about the problem. He said a simple prayer asking God to remove the boyfriend from the house. The next day the man packed his bags and left. It was amazing. Afterwards, I couldn’t wait to pray to God. But because of what I saw, I prayed with a difference.


4.  Always give thanks

Thanksgiving is a powerful tool for establishing trust in God.  Thanksgiving is a great reminder of the amazing things He does in your life. When you think of the blessings, healings, favours, protection and provisions, your trust for Him will grow.

One of my daughters stopped going to church for a while. She didn’t want anything to do with God. Her new lifestyle was partying, smoking, drinking, staying out all night and arguing with me daily. What’s more, she was hanging out with some bad boys and girls.

So, I prayed for changes in her life by asking God to get involved. It took more than a year of constant prayers. I didn’t give up, even when things got worse between us.

God answered my prayer. She woke up one day and realised she wasn’t happy with the way her life was going. She rededicated her life to God. That motivated me to give thanks. I trusted God more. Not because He helped me with that issue. But because He cares about me and my family (1 Pet. 5:7).

This verse is my encouragement to you: “He who deals wisely and heeds [God’s] word and counsel shall find good, and whoever leans on, trusts in, and is confident in the Lord—happy, blessed, and fortunate is he.” ~ Prov. 16:20

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What are your tips for trusting God? Do you think it’s important to trust Him?

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