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Testimonies to Inspire You

This blog would not be complete without testimonies.

Testimonies encourage, inspire and build up. When I hear other people’s testimonies, they uplift my spirit.

Hearing about the signs and wonders God is performing in the lives of other Christians will give you new hope. In addition, hope will build up your trust and faith. Without faith, you will struggle in your life.


My story – one of my testimonies

I was addicted to men, sex, smoking (cigarettes and marijuana), swearing and alcohol. I jumped from one dysfunctional relationship to another. As a result, I suffered domestic abuse . I couldn’t live without sexwhether I was in a relationship or not. I had to have my daily doses of smoking spliffs and drinking brandy to feel good. Plus, the language that came out of my mouth was filthy, especially when I was upset. On top of that, I was an extremely angry woman. Those crutches were a normal part of my lifestyle. I couldn’t imagine life without any of them.


God stepped in 

But, my life did an 180-degree turn when I became a Christian in September 2000. God removed all those life-dependency (negative and destructive) crutches from me. One by one, He freed me. I gave them all up in the same year. The amazing thing was, I didn’t miss any of them, nor did I have any withdrawal symptoms. It was truly awesome. God replaced those dependencies with such wonderful peace, inner happiness, self-acceptance and love.

God is absolutely wonderful. He accepted me just as I was – full of bitterness, anger, hatred, unforgiveness, jealousy and more. I went to Him as a lost, broken woman, living in deep sin. But He didn’t condemn me. He simply loved me, healed me and transformed me. I love Him so much. If it wasn’t for His love for me, I would have rotted in the grave by now.

This is only a small part of my many testimonies. I have so much more to share, like how I nearly died three times. I am writing my books to tell about the miracles God performed in my life.

I’m sure God has done something in your life worth sharing. It doesn’t matter how big or small. Please tell it to inspire and encouraged other people.

Have a testimony you want to share? Drop me an email or fill in the contact form. I would love to hear from you. Give God the glory He deserves. 🙂

Read my new book to discover how God healed me after I came out of abusive relationships. It also has a life-changing testimony in it.


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