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Snatched out of Darkness

Snatched out of Darkness

Have you ever been lost in a place of darkness and couldn’t find your way out? I used to be in that place until someone snatched me out. Read my story to find out who freed me…

The atmosphere was thick with smoke and the aroma of alcohol. We exchanged new year’s greetings. Someone tugged harshly at my blouse. “Aren’t you going to wish me Happy New Year? No time for me eh?”

I reached out to embrace my ex husband. He pushed past me and marched to the other side of the room. My body shuddered with feelings of uneasiness. Thirty minutes later his pent-up rage exploded. I took shelter in my sister’s room from the blitz of verbal abuse. He left the party and I went home. 

I sat on my bed. One hand clutched a large glass of brandy, a packet of cigarettes dangled out the other. Our explosive history was repeating itself. The violent fights, humiliating slanging matches, tears and name callings resurrected in my memory. My dad warned me about rushing back to my ex. I didn’t listen.

I thought about the vicar who often invited us to the local church. We were too busy having fun, however. Church didn’t blend with our lifestyle of drinking, smoking and partying. I was dirty, full of sin and not clean enough to mix with holy people.

I believed God existed, and recited the Lord’s prayer when I felt depressed.. And I shouted out Psalm 23 at nights as a weapon against the invisible hands pressing me down into my bed. I would lay there paralysed and couldn’t breathe. It was scary. My uncle said it was spiritual attacks.

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Snatched Out of Darkness – My Testimony

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