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Have You Met Us?

Posted by in Inspiration | 1 comment

I used to wonder about the how’s, the who’s and when’s.

And I used to get so upset with God because I felt He was never straightforward.

I could never understand His ways and some of His words.

I felt left out of things, feelings and events.

Then my mind was opened and the word laid down.

Do You Force Christianity Down Your Child’s Throat?

Posted by in Parenting | 10 comments

Do you force your child to go to church because you want them to conform to Christianity? Church going plays an important role.  But Christianity is not just about going to church. It’s a lifestyle.

As a Christian mum it’s natural to want to bring your children up in the faith. You want them to grow spiritually and learn the important principles of living a holy life.

5 Reasons Why You Must Never Give Up

Posted by in Inspiration | 8 comments

When you’re faced with difficulties and life seems like one big challenge, it’s easy to want to give up. But I’m here to tell you that ‘you must never give up.’ You may ask, “Who are you to make such a bold statement?” Well, I’m a woman who’s been to hell and back emotionally and physically.

I Meet God in The Morning

Posted by in Prayers | 8 comments

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

It speaks of His greatness, it sings of His love.

And each day at dawning, I lift my heart high,

And raise up my eyes to the infinite sky.

I watch the night vanish, as a new day is born.

7 Valuable Tips to Defeat Sexual Lust

Posted by in Love and Sex | 25 comments

One of the biggest challenges single Christians face is dealing with sexual lust and temptations. It’s even harder if you’ve been sexually active before. Once you’ve tasted it and enjoyed it, you want more!

It’s natural to get sexual urges. God created us as sexual beings.

But when those feelings rise up, you can’t just jump into bed with any man. Unless that man is your husband, of course.

Are You Ready for a Relationship?

Posted by in Relationships | 6 comments

Are you ready for a relationship? Or do you want one because most of your friends have their men and you feel left out?

I know that life as a single woman comes with challenges. Plus loneliness! Even though some people choose to stay single. But if that’s not your choice, you’ll be restless on your own.

But are you ready for a relationship?