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Work in Progress

Posted by in Goals | 5 comments

This is the last in the series of Ruth Synder’s Blog Hop. This week I’m writing about my work in progress. It’s been inspirational meeting other writers as we read and commented on each other’s blogs.

Click this link to read contributions from the other writers.

Advice For a Newbie Writer

Posted by in Encouragement | 32 comments

This is week 4 in our ‘Blog Hop’ and the topic is ‘Advice for Newbie Writers’. Please click on the link at the end of the post to see what other writers are saying.

Writing is a joy. When I was a little girl I dreamt of becoming an author. I used to picture myself sitting down and churning out books. I thought all you had to do was sit at a computer, and turn your imagination into written words. I couldn’t wait to start writing.

My Hero

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This is the third post in Ruth Synder’s Writers’ Blog Hop. This week, it’s a character sketch about our hero. My hero is my dad. I wanted to share a little about him and how he impacted my life. 


My new life

I stared miserably through the car window. Thick grey fog danced around us.

My dad’s face gazed rigidly ahead. He looked like he was getting ready to take a photograph.

Writing Tools I Use

Posted by in Encouragement, Inspiration | 14 comments

When I saw the title of this week’s contribution, I had to stop and think. What writing tools do I use? Well, I guess it’s the ones that make my writing life productive and comfortable.

Here they are:

  • My first and most important writing tool is the Holy Spirit. He gives me wisdom and increases my knowledge. He leads me to resources to use, books to read and courses to complete to improve my writing skills. Without Him, I wouldn’t have a talent for writing.

How to Beat Loneliness as a New Mum

Posted by in Parenting, Single & Blessed | 0 comments

Raise your hands if loneliness makes you feel fed up. On top of that, no one understand how you feel. They think because you have a baby you shouldn’t feel lonely.

Your friends have deserted you because you’re a mum. Your lifestyle is different to theirs. You don’t have much in common with them anymore. When they visit, you’re knee-deep in nappies, feeding or calming your crying baby.

My Writing Goals for 2014

Posted by in Encouragement, Goals | 14 comments

I’ll need to be really focused to manage my writing goals for 2014. I’ve got a lot planned. This year is one of the first that writing will be one of my main activities, apart from spending time with God. I’ve got a passion for writing, but I’ll need to turn that passion into writing energy in 2014.


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I found this beautiful inspirational poem by Mother Theresa that I want to share with you. The essence of it is about loving others. And accepting their priorities regardless of their faults.

It doesn’t matter how much they hurt you, try to forgive them. Forgiveness will help you grow. But the most important thing is that you please God.