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How to Identify and use Your Hidden Talents

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Are you brave enough to use your hidden talents? Or have you buried yours like the man in the bible? He was too scared to use the one he was given. Sometimes, you stay in a job that's not giving you any fulfillment. Why? Because you're scared of stepping out of your comfort zone, identifying your talent or talents, and using them.

But is that what you're supposed to do? What if you lose out on a better quality of life by not taking action?

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Marian Adejokun’s Story: Grabbed Back From Death

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If God has a plan for your life, death cannot snatch you away. Marian Adejokun, a teenager from Croydon, can testify to that.

In January 2011, on her way home from college, Marian developed severe pain in her eyes. She used eye drops from the chemist to ease the pain. Instead of relief, she ended up in intensive care at the Royal London Hospital for more than three weeks. Her skin peeled off, and blisters covered her from head to toe. She almost died.

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