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Is God Deaf or are your Ears Closed?

Is God Deaf or are your Ears Closed?


Is God deaf? Maybe you’ve been praying for something for a long time, but it seems God isn’t hearing you. You’ve fasted, prayed, friends have prayed, pastors have prayed and you even sent prayer requests as a last attempt.

Still, nothing happens. Silence.

So, you get down on your aching knees once again and call out, “God where are you? Can’t you hear me and all the other people praying for me?”

I know what it’s like to pray for years. I prayed for five years for something I thought I needed. Something I really wanted God to do for me. Something I was desperate to have. I really thought God was deaf. How can I pray for so many years and not get an answer?

Guess what? I did get an answer. But I didn’t know it because it wasn’t the answer I wanted. God wasn’t deaf. It’s just that my ears were closed. You know what it’s like…

Sometimes you pray, but it’s in an attempt to twist God’s arm. You want Him to give you or tell you what you want to have or hear. You don’t really want Him to give you what He thinks is best for you.

The next time you pray for something and don’t get an immediate answer, don’t be too quick to judge God.


Hannah’s Story

Hannah’s husband had another wife. Nevertheless, he loved Hannah dearly. Unfortunately, she couldn’t have children. For years, the other woman mocked Hannah because of her barrenness. Hannah was sad, depressed and cried often. She even went without eating.

However, she didn’t give up on God. One day she cried out to God again from her heart. Hannah prayed a silent prayer. While praying she wept deeply. Not being able to get pregnant distressed her. As she cried, she prayed. She made a vow to God and left her request with Him.

She didn’t pray about the situation again. The next morning she went to worship God. Eventually (not immediately) God answered her prayer. She gave birth to Samuel. You can read the full story in 1 Samuel 1: 1-27.

What if Hannah thought God was deaf and had stopped praying? Perhaps Samuel would not have been born. What I like about Hannah is the way she prayed. She prayed from deep within her heart and left it with God. She believed God heard her. That’s praying in faith.

I have had many prayers answered. But they haven’t always been the way I expected God to answer them.

The debate about whether God is deaf or not continues. However, God does answer prayers in different ways.

Some of them are:


God answers your prayers in dreams

The prayer I prayed for five years was for God to reunite me with my fiancé who had to leave the country. Instead of his miraculous return, I had lots of dreams. In most of my dreams, I was crying. God was showing me he wasn’t the one for me. Nevertheless, because I wanted him so badly I ignored the signs.

However, years later I understood why God didn’t answer my prayer. He saved me from lots of heartaches.


Sometimes God use other people to give you a word concerning your situation

There have been many times when I’ve gone through challenges and cried out to God for answers. But, He’s didn’t answer. On the other hand, if He did, I didn’t hear Him. Perhaps it’s because my mind was too full of my problems and worries.

Anyway, I carried on talking to Him, as if I would to a trusted, close friend.

So, if you’ve not been hearing from God, don’t give up talking to Him. I’ll tell you why…

During those wilderness moments, I always get a phone call, a message or a prayer from someone. And guess what? They always have the answer to my prayers. What’s more, they usually contact me because God told them to get in touch. It’s a massive faith booster.


Be careful what you pray for

Sometimes God answers prayers immediately. Or so it seems. One day last year, I was feeling particularly lonely as a single woman and craved for love.

On my way to a barbecue, I asked God to connect me with a man. I told God I needed love in my life. That night I met a man at the barbecue party. We clicked instantly.

He called me a few days later and we met up. I like him and we got on great together. However, there was one problem. He wasn’t a Christian, although he used to be. Eventually, I realised he wanted what I wasn’t prepared to give. I wasn’t prepared to compromise my sexual values. So, I ended the friendship.

What were the lessons in that experience?

  • Because you get what you want when you ask for it doesn’t mean it’s right for you.
  • Always make sure the supposed answer is from God. He won’t give you anything to jeopardise your faith or cause distress.
  • Don’t use prayers as a magic genie or you may get a wish that’s not good for you.

Is God deaf? No.

Keep praying and keep expecting to get answers to your prayers. He always answers. Sometimes it’s yes, other times it’s maybe and there are times He will say no. Make sure your ears are not closed and you will hear His answers. He knows what’s best for you because He sees the bigger picture. So, be patient as you wait for your answer.  And remember… Unforgiveness will block your prayers. Make sure your heart is clean before you pray.

Over to you…

Have you been waiting for answers to your prayers? Or does God always answer your prayers? Please share your comments in the box below.

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