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How to Identify and use Your Hidden Talents

How to Identify and use Your Hidden Talents

Are you brave enough to use your hidden talents? Or have you buried yours like the man in the bible? He was too scared to use the one he was given. Sometimes, you stay in a job that’s not giving you any fulfillment. Why? Because you’re scared of stepping out of your comfort zone, identifying your talent or talents, and using them.

But is that what you’re supposed to do? What if you lose out on a better quality of life by not taking action?

The parable of the talents

The parable Jesus told about the three men who were given talents in Matthew 25:14-30 can be applied to your skills or gifts. In the story, their masters gave them talents according to their abilities. The first man was given five talents, the second was given  two and the last man was given one.

The first man put his five talents to work and made five more. Likewise, the second man did the same and doubled his talents. But, the last man hid his one talent and did nothing.

You can choose to be like the first and second man and put your talents to work. Or you could live like the last man and do nothing with the talent or talents you have. However, if you want to progress in life, you will find a way to work with your talents.

Do you know how I put my talents to work? First, I identified one of my skills, which was writing. Then, I took a short copywriting course, quit my job and set up as a freelance copywriter to kick-start my writing business.

Identify your hidden talent

Everyone has talent or talents. But sometimes we find it hard to identify what we’re good at.

Check out the list below to help find your hidden talent:

  • What are you good at?
  • Make a list of all your skills.
  • Have you got any hobbies? Write them down.
  • What do you naturally enjoy doing?

Write down your vision

In Habakkuk 2:2 it says write your vision. Write it in simple language so you and others can understand it easily. There’s something about writing down your vision. It gives you focus and a goal to work towards. Seeing your goals on paper will inspire you as you work towards achieving them. Also, commit your vision to God.

Turn your skills into ideas for a business

You can develop your skills into a business. After you’ve figured out what you’re good at and enjoy doing, the next step is to pray about it, then develop one of those skills.

It’s best to focus on one instead of all of them. You could have multiple talents like hairdressing, singing, sewing, mentoring, caring for others, etc. Choose one of your talents and perfect it. Unless, you’re able to combine them.

Let’s look at one example from the list of talents or skills I mentioned. You like doing your hair and have a natural flair for it. People always compliment you on how nice your hair looks. They may even ask you to do their hair. So, you weave, plait or perm their hair. That’s great. Especially if you make some spare cash from doing other people’s hair.

Why not take it further and turn it into a business? The first step is to go to college or get some training. There are many options available, like an NVQ course in hairdressing or an apprenticeship in hairdressing. You’ll develop your skills, gain more knowledge and get professional work experience. That will make you confident enough to think about moving forward.

If you need to be sure before venturing out on your own, rent a chair in a salon for a few months. When you’re ready to progress, consider the next step. Complete a short business and marketing course. It’s important to understand how a business work and how to market your services effectively.

Take a leap of faith and step out

You’ve completed the courses and gained some work experience. Now you’re ready to go full swing. The next big step is to set up your business. You could become a mobile freelance hairdresser or open your own salon and employ other hairdressers. There is a lot of information on the HMRC website about starting a new business.

It’s fairly easy to identify your hidden talents and put the ones you’re most passionate about to good use. It will enrich your life. You’ll enjoy using your skills to make a living or helping others. God gave you a talent or talents for a reason. Don’t hide it like the man in Matthew 25.

Don’t forget, in everything you do, consult God and commit your plans to Him. By doing that, you’re putting Him in control and your ventures will likely to be successful. That was a lesson I learned along the way. Put Him first (Matthew 6:33) and everything else will fall into place. God wants the best for you because He loves you.

Have you discovered your hidden talent? What is it? Are you putting it to good use? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.




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