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Growing in Godliness

Growing in Godliness

Growing in godliness is a strong statement. Do you know what it means? According to Linda Odolofin, it’s to grow in faith, live righteously and follow the footsteps of Jesus, among other things.

She sums it up by saying,”Growing in godliness is growing and increasing in the things of God. It’s all about growth, and there are many ways to grow in the things of God, like acting in love, not only speaking in love…”

Everything you need to know about growing in love and more is in Linda’s book, ‘Growing in Godliness’. It’s an awesome book, packed with lots of insights about living a life to please God. And to help you progress on your spiritual and physical journey.

Linda is a young woman, passionate about God. Read more about her below:

LindaMy name is Linda Odolofin. , I am 21 years old and from Nigeria. I have lived in London all my life and I am the youngest of my two brothers. I am currently a student studying adult nursing and moving on to my second year now. I was raised in a Christian home but decided to get serious about Christ around the age of 16.

I started writing when I was eight years old, I remember that because I was in Year 4. I always used to write, even in class and a lot at home. My passion for writing is strong. I was strongly motivated in secondary school, especially when people would randomly come to me and say things like, “I heard you wrote a new story,” or “I’m next to read it.” Those notebooks you get for every lesson, I used to bother my teachers for one or two of those to write stories in.

My main goal is not money or fame as many may presume. The goal is to give God glory and to inspire others through my books. I believe writing is a gift given to me from God and it will be used for His glory. My motivations are the same as what God cares for the most. They are souls, knowing that there are many people who need help, who need guidance, who need to be saved or just to know God; I hope and pray my books can do that.

About this book, Growing in Godliness

Journeying with Christ is my first book and I am proud of this achievement. This book is an inspirational book that will help Christians, as well as anyone else, to know Jesus Christ more and establish a personal relationship with Him. This book hopes to help people understand how to grow in godliness and help them in their everyday lives with Christ. This book contains situations from my life and how I was (and still am) able to overcome them with God holding my hand throughout life’s journeys and storms.

Firstly, what inspired me to write this book is knowing what my life’s purpose and calling were, which is to write books for the glory of God. Whilst writing, I decided to stop because I got discouraged, but God restored my motivation, my determination, and love to keep writing, “Tell my daughter to keep writing for me,” is what He said, and I’ll never forget it. God really helped me write this book and I believe it will be a blessing to the reader.

To find out more, Linda’s book is available from Amazon. Click on this link ‘Growing in Godliness‘ to get your copy.

What are your views about growing in godliness? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below. 


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