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Give Thanks And be Encouraged

Give Thanks And be Encouraged

When you feel low and the pressures of life are heavy, you need encouragement. I know what it’s like to be in that dark place. It could even make you wonder if there is a God. Sometimes, you feel so discouraged you don’t even want to get out of bed. When you think about the day ahead, there is nothing to look forward to. So why get up?

But, if I tell you that you’re blessed even when you feel like quitting, would you believe me? And if I tell you to give thanks despite what you’re going through, would you do it?

Do you realise one of the best ways of lifting discouraging feelings is through thanksgiving? Giving thanks will enrich your soul. It will give you a different outlook on life. Don’t believe me? Try it and see for yourself…


If you’re reading this it’s because you woke up this morning – give thanks for your life

Did you know hundreds of people all over the world didn’t live to see this day? Many went to bed and died in their sleep. Others were killed and didn’t even get to their beds. Many died of terminal illnesses or heart attacks during the night. And there are those who died in motor accidents.

But you went to bed last night, and woke up this morning to see a new day. Maybe your life isn’t going the way you planned, but you have a life. And if you have a life, you also have hope. Those who are dead, died with their hopes. They will never be able to make plans again or change their lives. But you can.

“…I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).” John 10:10 (Amplified).  Give thanks for your life and do whatever you need to do, to change the situation you’re in.


If you ate breakfast, lunch OR dinner today – give thanks

Many people are living on the streets in the UK. They survive by begging. They depend on others to give them a meal. Then there are others who have to go to the food banks, so they can eat. Also, there are people in many countries who haven’t even got food to feed their babies or children. They’re dying from hunger.

If you have enough food in your cupboard to prepare food for the day, you’re among one of the blessed. Why don’t you consider donating some of your food to the food banks? “He that gives to the poor shall not lack…” Proverbs 28:27.


If you’re sleeping in a warm bed tonight – give thanks

A few months ago I saw a homeless woman who slept under old cardboard boxes and old sheets. She used those materials to make a home for herself. I don’t know her story. But, for whatever reason, she slept outside in the cold without the comfort of a bed. She’s not the only one living like that.

Tonight when you wrap up under your duvet, or blanket in your warm bed, think about those people on the streets in the cold. Others have to sleep wherever they can get somewhere to rest their heads for the night.


If you’ve got £5 in the bank – give thanks

Some people have millions  of pounds in the bank. But if all you have is £5, it’s better than the poor person in Africa, India, China, the West Indies or somewhere else who don’t even have a bank account. Maybe £5 is their monthly wage. That’s all they have to support their families.

Your £5.oo is like millions to someone else. To them you are extremely wealthy. So, don’t worry about not having enough money, instead thank God for providing for you each day. “And my God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 (ESV).


If you’ve got two legs and can walk – give thanks

Have you ever tried hopping on one leg? It’s uncomfortable isn’t it? Imagine if you lived in a country without health care, you had one leg and couldn’t get any crutches. How long could you survive like that? Some people have lost both their legs in accidents, because of a disease or a bomb. They didn’t choose that unfortunate situation. But it happened to them regardless. They have to carry on living with that disability.

Be grateful that you can walk, run, skip, hop or jump. You’ve got freedom to move around as and when you please.


If you’re not lying in a hospital bed – give thanks

A friend of mine celebrated my nephew’s birthday with the family last December. She was fun, lively and loved dancing. A month later she found out she had cancer of the pancreas. Her condition got worse. I went to visit her in the hospice. She lay helpless on the hospital bed. She couldn’t even speak. She knew she would never get out of that bed again. She was dying.

Be thankful if you’ve got good health and you’re not in a hospital bed facing the end of your life. Pray for those that are sick because you’ve got authority to do that.

Jesus said to, “Heal the sick”! Matthew 10:8, “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.” I think it’s interesting how Jesus didn’t tell us to pray and ask God to heal the sick, He told US to heal the sick! Source:


If you’ve got a job – give thanks

I know what it’s like to be unemployed, can’t get a decent job and can’t provide for my family. I’ve been there. When you have to sign on at the Job Centre and be pressured into taking jobs to come off benefits, it’s tough. Most of the times the money you earn is not enough to support you and your family. Because of lack of money you could easily end up borrowing and find yourself in debt. Unemployment is stressful. Going for interviews and not getting a job is also stressful.

If you have a job that pays enough to take care of yourself and your family, give thanks. There are many people who would love to swap positions with you.


There’s a reason it says in the bible, “In everything give thanks…” 1 Thess. 5:18. Because, doing so makes you appreciate what you’ve got. Giving thanks open your eyes to see how blessed you are. Even if you don’t  think you are. Someone, somewhere is far worse off than you. So, give thanks, be encouraged and believe you’re blessed. The next time you feel discouraged, instead of focusing on the negative things happening in your life, focus on the positives. When you do that, you’ll see how fortunate you are. It will make you want to count your blessings and name them one-by-one.


Feature image via Pixabay by Johnhain

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