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A Wonderful Change

A Wonderful Change

For a long time I thought God was punishing me. Why did I have to go through this? Did I do something wrong? Or do you just not love me? I need answers because I can’t take this anymore.

These are the kind of thoughts that would flash through my mind, day in and day out. And they still do.

Let me tell you why…

Let me take you back to the beginning…

It must have all started from 15.

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Wrap Me In Your Arms

Sometimes all you need is for God to wrap you in His arms. You know, the times when you feel alone, sad and troubled. When those negative emotions cling to your mind and you want to shake it off, think about being wrapped tightly and securely in His arms.

In His arms no one or nothing can touch you. Whatever is going on in your life will be locked outside, because you’ll be locked inside His arms. As long as you stay there, you’ll feel love, peace and joy.

So next time you want to escape the pressures of life, listen to William McDowell sing ‘Wrap Me In Your Arms’, close your eyes and escape to that place of bliss.


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The Suitcase

The Suitcase

A man died. When he realised it, he saw God coming closer with a suitcase in His hand.

God said, “Alright son, it’s time to go.”

Surprised, the man responded, “Now? So soon? I had a lot of plans…”

“I’m sorry, but it’s time to go.”

“What do you have in that suitcase?” The man asked.

God answered. “Your belongings.”

“My belongings? You mean my things, my clothes, my money.”

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Writing Tools I Use

Writing Tools I Use

When I saw the title of this week’s contribution, I had to stop and think. What writing tools do I use? Well, I guess it’s the ones that make my writing life productive and comfortable.

Here they are:

  • My first and most important writing tool is the Holy Spirit. He gives me wisdom and increases my knowledge. He leads me to resources to use, books to read and courses to complete to improve my writing skills. Without Him, I wouldn’t have a talent for writing.
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